4 Top Tips For A Green Office Move

Waving goodbye to your old premises doesn’t have to mean waving goodbye to the planet. Here are Clearance Solutions’ 4 tips for a green office move.

Helping with Hoarding Disorder

  Walking into the home of a compulsive hoarder, the effects of the disorder are almost always immediately apparent. Yet there is still relatively little research and understanding about hoarding disorders, even though an estimated 1.2 million people in the UK suffer from the symptoms. As a professional house clearance company, we encounter the effects […]

5 ways to help put a stop to waste culture

We may not realise it, but we have become a more wasteful society over the last few years. According to the most recent government statistics, a four-year decline in household waste was bucked in 2014, when total of 26.8 million tonnes of waste was produced by British homes. At Clearance Solutions, we are committed to […]

Understanding your property and squatters

Empty properties are known to attract risk and illegal activity that can affect the entire community. For owners of such properties, it is your responsibility to prevent crimes such as fly tipping and squatting from entering your neighbourhood. Squatting may not be something many people consider a current issue. However, as slogans printed on flyers in […]

Causes to keep in mind when clearing your home

Clearance Solutions understand that a house clearance can turn your world upside-down. Inheriting a property, tackling a hoarding issue or even clearing out a new office building, just thinking about it can be stressful. However, we are committed to making this process as easy for you as possible, taking care of everything from packaging to […]

How to recycle more effectively

For better or worse, recycling has firmly taken root in today’s society as a must-do. Many of us have a list, or at least an idea, of what can and can’t be recycled. And those that recycle also tend to enjoy doing their part to help the environment. As an environmentally motivated house clearance company, […]

3 minimalist living lessons to declutter your home & mind

At Clearance Solutions, we’re strong advocates of the belief that living in a cluttered house can cramp your style. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so dedicated to providing a range of services to those in need of a house clearance. But how can we go about maintaining a clutter-free environment on a daily basis? Minimalist […]

How Clearing Your House Can Actually Clear Your Mind

You may see our house clearance service as merely a practical solution to your storage needs, but it is so much more than that. Recent studies suggest a strong link between the welfare of the house and the welfare of the brain, meaning clearing your house can actually help clear your mind. Mess vs Stress […]

Do you know where your household trash goes?

At Clearance Solutions, we pride ourselves on reusing and recycling as many of your unwanted household goods as we can through our environmentally motivated house clearance operations. Better still, we donate anything that is still usable to good causes. Sadly, not every removal company is as willing to take this step to make their service […]

Don’t Let It Go To Waste: Toy Story’s Hidden Lesson

Pixar work wonders into their productions, often standing peerless in their ability to appeal not only to children, but to the child inside everyone. Their first feature film with Walt Disney Pictures was Toy Story (1995). This movie began an unprecedented era of success for the production company, one that continues up to the present […]


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