Our reuse and recycling success – As green as it gets

What footprint?

Clearance Solutions has a negative carbon footprint – we save far more CO2 through our activities than we produce. We ensure there are environmental and social benefits through the work we do. We do this by;-

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Clearance Solutions has a proven track record of achieving extremely high reuse rates. In 2013, we managed to get over 400 tonnes of furniture and other items reused, saving over 2500 tonnes of CO2. Reuse is achieved through:

1. Donations to charities

We are members of the London Community Resource Network. Membership is only achieved by demonstrating significant volumes of donations to charity. We routinely donate domestic and commercial furniture, stationery, clothing and books to a variety of good causes.


It is at the core of our business model to factor into our prices the resale value of assets included in the clearance. This keeps the costs down for you. Therefore it is essential we get these items reused (sold!) to be profitable. We have developed a network of contacts who buy all sorts of goods – including kitchen sinks.


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All items that can’t be reused, such as broken or damaged furniture, electrical equipment, is recycled.

As far as practicable the remaining waste will be sorted into separate waste streams on-site (metal, paper, wood, plastic). It is then transported to the appropriate licensed recycling facility.

This method allows us to achieve higher rates of recycling as opposed to depositing all the materials as mixed general recycling at Waste Transfer Stations. It also allows us to be more precise when calculating the recycle rates achieved in our post project Environmental Reports – which we provide for our larger clearance projects.

Some items are difficult to separate onsite and contain mixtures of recyclable and possibly non-recyclable materials. Broken reception seating that is not re-useable being a good example. These mixed material items are taken to Waste Transfer Stations as ‘general waste’.
For more detailed information on our reuse and recycling success, please call 0207 706 7554.


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