Where to dispose of building waste in UK

Construction projects, whether renovation or new development, involve a high generation of waste. And sometimes, it can be hard to tell what places are safe and government-compliant to dispose of these wastes. Below, we highlight six places you can dispose of building wastes in the UK and how to go about each.

Pile of rubbish

1. Sell To Renovation Companies

One sustainable way to get rid of construction wastes and make money is to sell them to renovation companies. Quite a handful of construction wastes can find worthy new uses with small-scale construction companies that undertake minor repairs. Provided they are still in fairly good condition, doors, tiles, plasterboard, cabinets, glass, pipes, etc., can be reused for minor home repairs and remodelling. So, instead of dumping wastes in landfills, sort out the fairly good items and sell them to small-scale construction companies around you.

Construction marketplaces like Gumtree and EnviroMate are common resources you can use to locate buyers for building wastes in the UK.

2. Donate to those in need

Used furniture

Besides selling, you can also donate building wastes to those in need of them. And really, this would make a great way to give back to society and promote a more circular economy. Construction marketplace like EnviroMate has a charity arm through which you can donate unwanted building materials in reasonably good condition. You could also take advantage of drop-off centres of charity organisations like Recycle Now, Crown Workspace, and Green Furniture Aid.

3. Consider reusing some items

You can also consider reusing some construction wastes for other construction projects. For instance, rubbles from concrete demolitions can be crushed and reused for patios, pavements, or as filler for other projects. Similarly, you can keep undamaged electrical items like cables, switches, sockets, etc., for future use in other building projects.

Suppose you’re out of storage space for new wastes. You can give some of the items to friends and families as materials for their DIY projects. Building wastes like old bricks, timber, metals, and ceramic tiles will make good fits for this purpose.

4. Skip hire

skip full of ribbish

Hiring a skip from a waste removal company is another efficient way to dispose of building wastes if they cannot be sold, donated, or reused. Depending on the amount of waste you want to dispose of, skips are available in different sizes – 6 cubic yards, 8 cubic yards, and 12 cubic yards. By rule of thumb, the six cubic yards size should suffice for small projects like minor renovations and home improvements. For bigger projects, you can hire either the 8 cubic yard or the 12 cubic yards capacity.

Before hiring a skip, ensure you obtain requisite permits from your local authority, especially if you intend to leave the skip on public footpaths or driveways. 

5. Waste collectors

Self-handling the disposal of hazardous building wastes can be extremely harmful both to us as humans and to the immediate environment. Hospital wastes, damaged waste pipes, asbestos, paints, chemicals, etc., are best disposed of by licensed waste collectors. If you are unsure of the best way to dispose of any of these hazardous materials, you can book the services of a professional rubbish collector.

6. Landfill

Finally, you can tip building wastes to a nearby landfill or hire a construction waste transportation company. Currently, there are more than 500 landfills in the UK for waste disposal, and a good number of them are designated for construction wastes. Whether you haul the wastes to the landfill yourself or hire a waste transport service, you’ll be required to pay a disposal fee at the landfill.

To recap, you can sell undamaged wastes to renovation companies, reuse them on other projects, or donate them to those in need. As for nonreusable/unrecyclable wastes, you can hire a skip from a waste removal company, hire waste collectors, or haul the wastes to a landfill. At Clearance Solutions Ltd., we’ll be glad to help you dispose of your building wastes while you can sit back to enjoy the value of your money.

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