Do you need probate if you have a mirror will?

Mirror wills are growing popular recently, but they are not like regular wills. This type of will guarantees that a surviving spouse inherits their partner’s assets when they (the partner) pass on. But there is often confusion about the probate requirements concerning this will. We explore the possibilities in this article. After reading this, you should have all the necessary information about whether you need probate for a mirror will or not.

Gavel and pen placed on a will

Is probate necessary for a mirror will?

The simple answer is yes. You will need to apply for probate, even with a mirror will. The reason is to confirm that the surviving spouse’s will is valid and contains the same thing as the deceased person’s copy. It also aids the proper distribution of the assets contained in the will. This surviving spouse is the best person to make the application at the probate registry.

Gavel next to a probate book and pen

Mirror wills are beneficial for couples with joint assets, as it helps them pass their assets to their surviving partners. It is a good way to ensure your loved ones receive adequate and automatic care after your death. But, because discrepancies can occur, probate is required when one spouse passes. An expert probate solicitor can help with guidance through this process. For further clarifications, please feel free to reach out to us.

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