Reuse & Recycling Tips

5 ways to help put a stop to waste culture

We may not realise it, but we have become a more wasteful society over the last few years. According to the most recent government statistics, a four-year decline in household waste was bucked in 2014, when total of 26.8 million tonnes of waste was produced by British homes. At Clearance Solutions, we are committed to […]

How to recycle more effectively

For better or worse, recycling has firmly taken root in today’s society as a must-do. Many of us have a list, or at least an idea, of what can and can’t be recycled. And those that recycle also tend to enjoy doing their part to help the environment. As an environmentally motivated house clearance company, […]

The Three Rs & the Difference Between Recycling & Reusing

Kid using green recycle box

When looking into environmental sustainability, cutting consumption or reducing rubbish during a house clearance, it’s more than likely that you’ll come across the following Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle. These three words describe the core components of environmentally-responsible consumer behaviour. But as UK children are now learning at school, there are in fact six Rs […]

Home and Office Clearance: What We Remove and What Happens Next

What we can remove We are happy to remove items both large and small – we can take appliances, computers, furniture, electrical goods and almost everything in between. We aim to get as much of your stuff into reuse as possible, but the things that can’t be reused we will take and dispose of in […]

Learning a lesson from the Rag-and-Bone Man: Reuse before you Recycle

Cluttered house in London

Amidst all the recycling hype, we have forgotten old wisdom: often reuse can be kinder to the environment. We look to the pioneers of reuse, the rag-and-bone men of the 19th century, for some inspiration.

More and More Rubbish Everyday

Pile of rubbish next to a house

You buy items everyday from food to clothes and furniture to toys. For every item you buy there is great potential that one day it will end up at a landfill site. As consumers we have to learn to be more considerate of what we buy and decide whether or not we truly do need […]

5 Steps to Eco heaven!

Green grass ecological footprint concept

More and more of us are looking for ways to become more eco-conscious in our everyday lives. It is even more important to look for ways to be more eco-conscious if you have children as you can pass on green ideas onto them and let them know how important it is for their future. There […]

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