• clearance company

    We remove all contents from properties,
    leaving them completely clear and tidy.

    “...A daunting task made easier, thank you very much!” Sarah Smith, SW3


We offer specialist clearance services throughout the UK. We clear all items, including furniture, electrical items, personal effects and waste from domestic and commercial properties – leaving them completely clear, tidy and swept through.

Why use us?


Hassle free

With us it’s easy to arrange – just call for a quote, select a time that suits you, and we do the rest - on-time and on-budget. We clear all materials from anywhere of the property. You don’t even have to be there on the day. When finished we email you photos of the areas cleared, so you can see what a great job we’ve done!

Save money

Our prices factor in the resale value of the items we clear – saving you money.

Eco friendly

We achieve very high rates of reuse for the items that we clear. Reuse is by far the greenest ‘disposal’ solution. And we recycle as much of the remaining material as possible at licenced recycling facilities.


And our broad range of complementary services means you can get most things done at the same time without having to deal with multiple contractors. So if you need things relocated, shipped abroad, put into storage, or you want the property thoroughly cleaned, or sensitive data securely destroyed, we can help with it all.

  • Full waste audit trail
  • Secure data destruction (electronic and paper)
  • Cleaning: sweep through or deep clean

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