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    Probate Valuation London

    Professional probate valuation in London and UK for those who need them.

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Probate Valuation London

Professional probate valuation in London and UK for those who need them.

First-rate house contents valuation from the experts

Here at Clearance Solutions, we provide a range of professional valuation services for those who need them, be they solicitors, executors, administrators or private individuals. Our services focus on valuing personal possessions for probate, making sure everything in the deceased’s house is accounted for.

We have over 15 years experience of providing an accurate and efficient probate service, and all our packages are fully HMRC compliant. Read on to find out more, or get in touch now for a free, no-obligation probate valuations in London or UK.

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What is probate valuation

A probate valuation is a process of determining the value of deceased person estate. Following a bereavement, probate is the legal right to oversee the affairs of the deceased person before the estate is distributed according to the will.

A major aspect of the probate property valuation process is valuing house contents for for HMRC inheritance tax purposes (known as goods and chattels in legal terms). This is where Clearance Solutions can help you such as with the Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984. A Professional valuation for probate purposes of house contents involves determining the monetary value of these items, which is included with all other assets when determining if the estate is subject to inheritance tax (if the total value of the all the assets is above £325,000 the estate qualifies — correct as of 2018).

Why probate property valuation is important

Due to rising property prices, a death in the family can often leave relatives with a hefty inheritance tax bill. In order to ensure you are paying the correct amount, it is essential to obtain a swift, accurate probate valuation report accordance with HM Revenue and Customs guidelines. Value your loved one’s estate too high and you could end up paying more tax than you need to. Value it too low and you could be suspected of fraud.

While the majority of most estates’ value will come from property and financial assets, house contents can make a big difference to the final figure. Clearance Solutions can help you reach an accurate number by providing expert valuation of house contents to combine with the rest of an estate’s total value. Get FREE advice or quote in UK and London probate valuations / Inheritance Tax.

How our professional valuation works

Our probate property valuation service involves an experienced, qualified, independent valuer visiting your property to appraise its contents. The valuer will return a full probate report to you within 72 hours of the visit.

Due to high property values, many estates now fall over the inheritance tax threshold – even if the value of the contents are relatively modest. Consequently, we would recommend our valuation service to most customers. Prices start from £300 +VAT for our standard package, though customers with large collections of valuables should consider our specialist package, with prices available upon request.

Specialist house contents probate valuations

If your house contents and chattels are worth a significant value, we recommend our property valuations service. A Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS qualified) accredited valuer, or another expert in a particular field will carry out a detailed survey and provide an accurate valuation of any expensive property.

Jewellery probate valuations

Rings, necklaces, earrings and other articles of jewellery will often be the most valuable possessions in a home. Because the jewellery market value is so unique, only specialists can make sure everything is accurately valued.

Our expert evaluators can determine the market value of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, as well as valuable stones and gems like diamonds and pearls.

Art and antique probate valuations

Some estates will include highly-priced works of fine art or valuable art antiques. In these cases, Clearance Solutions can advise on finding specialist evaluators to value these items, as the art market has its own idiosyncrasies.

Valuable collections

As well as the above, our specialist package is suited to any houses with valuable collections of the following:

  • Cars
  • Watches
  • Stamps
  • Coins & Medals
  • Rare books

Complimentary services

We are happy to recommend professional assistance with the valuation of the house or property valuation itself, inheritance tax, advise on valuations of chattels for Capital Gains Tax, and any other assets including stocks, shares and bonds.

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