Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome

We specialise in dealing with difficult situations as a result of hoarding. We clear the whole property of all items and rubbish.

It is quite an undertaking to arrange to clear a property that belonged to a family member or friend with compulsive hoarding syndrome. We are here to help advise you through the process, and see that the property is completely cleared and cleaned in a conscientious and efficient manner.

More Information About Compulsive Hoarding

Compulsive hoarding refers to the excessive acquisition of relatively worthless items, which eventually results in the deterioration of living space and the daily activities of affected individuals. Hoarding is a common condition that exists as a distinct psychological syndrome, which is often characterized by onset in old age. In some cases the hoarder’s home can be dangerous to enter due to the risk of collapse of stacked materials, and especially if there is a hazardous component to the materials, such as chemicals and bio waste.

House Clearance of Hoarded Properties

We understand the sensitive nature of the clearance of a hoarded property, and are well experienced to deal with each aspect of the job. Clearances of hoarded properties will require most of the following services that we offer:

  • Full clearance, furniture, rubbish, and waste removed from anywhere on property
  • Thorough cleaning – deep clean as well as garden clearing, cut back and tidied
  • Prepare ‘dress’ the property for viewings
  • Cars removed and deal with the DVLA
  • Hazardous materials recycled to UK environmental standards
  • Document and asset retrieval
  • Sorting through possessions they want to keep


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