5 Steps to Eco heaven!

More and more of us are looking for ways to become more eco-conscious in our everyday lives. It is even more important to look for ways to be more eco-conscious if you have children as you can pass on green ideas onto them and let them know how important it is for their future. There are many bad habits we have taken up over the decades that are still causing serious issues for this planet of ours. Here are five things you can stop doing to be more eco-conscious:

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Wasting Water: Making a conscious effort to cut down on the amount of water you use will make a huge difference to the environment. First make sure you have low flow toilets and shower heads in your home to cut down on waste. Next teach children and yourself to stop running water without need. Do not run water as you brush your teeth or shave for example. Small changes make a big difference! Instead turn the water on when you need to rinse or get water and turn it off when brushing and shaving. In the kitchen do not stand rinsing dishes, instead fill the sink a bit of the way up and use it to rinse. If you have a garden, use a water butt to collect water for watering your plants and lawn.

Water Bottles: This is an obvious one discussed often, however many of us still ignore the warnings and continue to purchase plastic water bottles. Use a container to store water in your fridge, use a reusable container for jogging or the car and bring a glass to use at work. Stop buying plastic.
Stop Sending Stuff to the Dump: The more rubbish and things we no longer need that we send to the dump, the more space we take up on earth. We also are sending items that might have dangerous chemicals that will be released into the earth and water. Look for ways to reuse items and if you can’t think of anything call a company like ours to take stuff away. A proper house clearance company like Clearance Solutions will find ways to repurpose and recycle items so you don’t have to worry.
Plastic Bags: Despite efforts to curb use by charging fees for plastic bags people still use them. Make an effort and purchase some reusable canvas, cotton or hemp bags and take them with you whenever you are out and about. There are actually a lot of clever designs out there that will not only save the environment but also make you look quite brilliant as well.

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Wasting Fuel: If you drive a car consider ways to stop wasting fuel. We all know that driving adds more greenhouse gases into the environment yet we all still insist on driving. Get wise and consider taking public transit to work, walk wherever you can and make an effort to do longer shopping sprees and errands all at once instead of zipping out every time you need to buy milk.

By trying to follw these five relatively simple lifestyle rules, you will be doing the planet a huge favour.

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