Home and Office Clearance: What We Remove and What Happens Next

What we can remove

We are happy to remove items both large and small – we can take appliances, computers, furniture, electrical goods and almost everything in between. We aim to get as much of your stuff into reuse as possible, but the things that can’t be reused we will take and dispose of in the proper (and sustainable) manner!

Packed furniture and table next to stacked box

Trash to treasure

What happens next? Well, we get to work on trying to get your items reused.

Reusing, we believe, is better than recycling. It is better for the environment as it saves energy in manufacturing and processing and decreases the demand on raw materials. It helps to reduce pollution. It is also great for individuals as it can provide them with quality goods at low prices.

Not everything needs to be recycled, though it’s better than throwing it away outright, but some things can simply be reused. If they cannot be reused by you then they could be happily utilized by another individual, as they say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

What not to chuck

There are some commonly binned items that should never have seen the inside of a black bag! Some of these items, such as batteries for example, need to be properly disposed of. Other items should be got rid of with companies like us because we can re-home items and often sell them – which will save you money.

Recycling is certainly on the up, which is great, but a lot of items that end up in the recycling bin can’t actually be recycled and they slow the whole process down. Bunging everything into the recycling bin is almost as detrimental as not recycling at all. By using a company like ours you can cut out the umming and ahhing and your waste items can find their rightful homes.

Here are some items that have been found in British recycling bins over the past year that really should not have ended up in there:

Office furniture in a bright lit office space

Broken electrics:

This is something we can take care of and dispose of in the proper way, recycling and reusing what we can.


Why throw this away? We could sell this on or at least donate it to a charity shop and make sure it does some good. Think of the poor artist whose work or print has ended up with the plastic bottles!


So many people in the world are in need of furniture. This is something we really work to reuse because it surely needn’t go to waste.

Plastic toys with hidden metal bits:

plastic toy in a pile of rubish

Always check for those fiddly bits that cannot be recycled that could be attached to anything. These can screw up the recycling process!

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And last but not least, bowling balls:

Yep, you read it right, a bowling ball really was found in the recycling bin in recent months, perhaps a cast off Christmas present from an unfavorable aunt. So for those who were wondering about how to best dispose of their bowling balls, the answer is not the recycling bin. Let us find some bowling buddies to give that to.
If we find something in your home or office that could have significant value we would recommend our specialist probate valuation service. This involves a RICS accredited valuer, or expert in a particular field if needed, carrying out a detailed survey of items and writing up a valuation.

This could take the cost off of clearing out your house and office. So if and when you are in need of a clearing, think of the environment, think of people and think of us.

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