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Probate Valuation Wimbledon

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We Can Assist You With Probate Valuations

People in Wimbledon use valuation services when they need to get the personal possessions of the deceased valued for probate. A probate valuation is needed for HMRC inheritance tax purposes after a loved one’s death.

Clearance Solutions consists of a team of professionals who provide accurate valuations for probate. Our experts help with probate valuation of property in London, Wimbledon and surrounding areas.

Our specialists assess your household items and record their market value. This value is what the inheritance tax system needs for your probate process to be successful. The probate service will give you the rights to ownership of property.

We Assess All Items

Our professionals aren’t limited to any type of item—we assess all types including jewellery, fine art, furniture, antiques, vehicles, chattels, and others. Moreover, we can provide the value of expensive items like gems and precious metals.

Probate Valuation in Wimbledon

There are four main stages that the probate process follows, and they are:

  • The properties are valued and assessed.
  • Creating valuation reports containing details about the contents of an estate.
  • A register is created for the house contents.
  • HMRC sends you the amount of tax that you’ll pay.

According to the inheritance tax act 1984, the valuation must be accurate enough. If it isn’t, the tax you’ll pay will either be higher or lower than the exact amount. Paying a higher amount puts some financial burden on you while paying a lower amount will prompt fraud suspicion.

How does our Valuation in Wimbledon Work?

To get a professional valuation, you should contact us for evaluation. You’ll book an appointment with our RICs qualified chartered surveyors, and they’ll arrive in time to attend to your needs.

With our services, you’ll get an accurate valuation that takes a reasonable time to complete. Within 72 hours, you’ll get your valuation report.

You might be asking—how long does probate take? Usually, the time ranges based on some factors. It could take between 9 and 12 months.  After the probate is granted, you’ll get full authorization to use the properties.

How much does Valuation Cost in Wimbledon?

Properties are different across all individuals, so the cost is determined based on the work size. Contact us so that you can get an estimate of valuation service.

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