Raise Money for Charity – we can help!

If your neighbourhood is looking to raise money for your favourite charity whether for a school, your street or even for an individual who is in need of assistance a community garage sale or flea market is a great way to go. You can collect items from your community and have a sale and anything that is not taken can be removed by a house clearance company such as yours truly. Here are some tips to assist with making your charity event a success:

First let people in the area know you are raising money for a charity. Provide information about the charity such as a website, phone number or address and let them know the deadline for the collections. Provide information such as where items can be dropped off, or a date and time items might be picked up. Have an email address where people can ask questions as well as make special arrangements i.e. if they are unable to drop something off on their own.
List Items: List the items you will take so you don’t wind up with a load of rubbish. Let people know if you cannot accommodate larger items and provide as much info as possible so they understand what is required. Offer tips about items they might consider donating just to get people thinking about their options.
Inventory: Once you have all of the items collected sort everything into categories such as clothing, furniture, home décor, etc. Make a list of everything you have and assign a price and tag it. Make a pile of stuff that you do not feel will sell and contact a clearance company to take it away for you.
The Sale: On the day of the event arrange to have a bake sale, refreshments and even a little luncheon to which further contributions can be made.
End of Day: At the end of the day look at all the items you have left and speak to your clearance company to take everything off your hands.

Ideas to raise Money

There are a number of ways you can choose to sell the items. You can arrange to have items on display and use a silent auction in which people place a bid on the items, provide a contact number and the highest bidder receives the items. You can have a website set up using one of the latest fundraising sites such as Just Giving to track your contributions to keep people interested. You can work with the local community centres, schools or churches to offer assistance with providing a venue to hold your event. You can take pictures of your best items and post them on social media and make up flyers to pass around the neighbourhood. You can even send out press releases to radio and television channels to advertise your event.

As you can see there are many options to make your giant flea market or garage sale a success and help you raise plenty of money for a worthy cause. Just remember us when you need to someone to find a home for all the unwanted stuff!

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