Preparing Your House For Clearance

When it comes to clearing your house very often it can all be a bit overwhelming. Especcialy when thinking of how to go about a house clearance in London. Where do things go? What can be taken? How does it work? Who can help me?

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Read on and probably the following article will help to clear some of those queries up.

What not to leave behind

It’s always important not to get wires crossed with your clearance company! Make sure that they know what you do not want removed, or alternatively, that it is not in the vicinity of the removal.

At Clearance Solutions we are very thorough so if little Toby’s favourite Teddy Bear is left with all the items we are removing it might go on a journey to become somebody else’s favourite teddy bear, and nobody wants that! Make sure it is clear the removers know what they should not take.

What you can leave behind

We are happy to take anything and everything, we’re nice like that. Different things left behind will go on different journeys. Some might adventure off to a person or people in need. For example, some of the furniture we have collected has gone on to help children’s charities and schools in Africa. Others might stalk into a house clearance auction to help lower (or eradicate!) the costs of your clearance. Your leftovers can do a lot of good, or save you a lot of money!

We put the utmost effort into getting your things reused so they can move on without the added strains to the environment that recycling can involve. For the things that cannot be reused we take a lot of care to make sure everything is recycled as best as it can. The things that really do have to be chucked we make sure are done so through the proper channels!


Things that we can reuse, be it through charitable means or selling at auction, include furniture, electricals, toys, homeware and much more. Other clearance companies are not always as honest about their approach to being environmentally friendly: it’s a very easy thing to say and not a very easy thing to act upon. If you really want to ensure your clearance company is being thorough, ask for an audit trail to see where the waste has gone.

We are committed to the sustainability of what we do, so much so that it has resulted in our negative carbon footprint. That means that we save more energy than we use, hooray!

And what we leave behind

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What do you want us to leave behind? We offer a lot of services to tailor to your needs how we leave your house. For example, we can do a deep clean or a quick dust and tidy, we can trim your grass and prune your bushes and ready your house for resale.

Learn how we have done it by reading our case studies.

We make the process easy for you, as often these clearances can be the result of bereavement or other emotional situations. In order to give you a service that is as helpful as possible in your particular situation the process can be tailored to your needs. For example we also offer help to clear the homes of people with compulsive hoarding problems too, which requires certain things from us. No task is too big or too small and we’re always ready to work to your needs.

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