How Clearing Your House Can Actually Clear Your Mind

You may see our house clearance service as merely a practical solution to your storage needs, but it is so much more than that. Recent studies suggest a strong link between the welfare of the house and the welfare of the brain, meaning clearing your house can actually help clear your mind.

Messy room with cluttered furntiure

Mess vs Stress

We all get stressed out when our possessions aren’t in order, but this could actually be more serious than you think. According to experts at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, too much clutter can affect your ability to concentrate, focus and process information. If you are having trouble with any of these things and your house is a mess, it might be worth having a clearout.

Konmari Method

Anyone who keeps up with lifestyle blogs knows that minimalist living is more fashionable than ever. Thanks to decluttering techniques and advice from Japanese author Marie Kondo, more people than ever are ridding their house of everything but the things they need the most.

Kondo’s techniques include taking a steadfast approach to throwing away old things, based on the theory that clutter creates stress. Her methods also include an innovative folding technique that ensures your belongings take up the least possible space. Kondo, who has been an avid tidying enthusiast since age 5, says she is living proof that de-cluttering relieves stress, and that living only with what you need will make you a happier, more relaxed person.

Hoarding Disorder

Man in a messy room

Sometimes clutter becomes more than an inconvenience and turns into a serious psychological illness. Clearing a house can be tough for a hoarder. Compulsive hoarding disorder can often result in clutter creating stress and potential physical harm.

Clearance Solutions understands how tough clearing a hoarder’s house can be. That’s why we have a special compulsive hoarding clearance service that deals sensitively with situations like these to help put your mind at ease. If someone you know is a hoarder, or if you think you might be, it’s important to get help and information from a charity like MIND, or from the NHS. When you think it’s time, nothing will clear your mind more than a clear out.

Sensitive Clearances

There are other sensitive situations when house clearance might put you at ease. The death of a loved one, for example, creates all sorts of stressful situations. Planning the funeral, informing relatives and dealing with inheritance all take priority, but clearing the house is something that also needs to be done.

Clearance Solutions will help you at this difficult time. We take care to avoid throwing away anything of potential financial or emotional value, relieving you of the stress of clearing and the guilt of throwing away important things. Clearing the house may not fully clear your mind at this time, but it will at least help.

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