Finally let go of that clutter. A flow chart to help you throw it out.

We’ve all been there – your thrifty, practical nature has left you hanging on to one too many “handy” appliances that you truthfully use less than once every leap year, you’ve hoarded a few too many editions of your guilty pleasure go-to decor magazine and you simply cannot get it over your heart to get rid of the vintage (now just saggy) sofa you once rescued from the curb. But your apartment has gone from charming bohemian to shelter-chic.

It may not be quite that severe, but it’s the end of summer and there is no better time than the present to take stock of the things you have and whittle down your possessions to only those things you truly need, value and appreciate. To take some of the anxiety out of making those decisions, we’ve put together this nifty flowchart. Then sit back and enjoy your newfound space.

And if you need help removing all of your surplus, don’t forget to give your friendly house clearance experts a call!


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